(A Tjampuhan Relaxation Resort)

Without a doubt The Royal Pita Maha has been blessed with one of the best pieces of natural landscape that the island of Bali has to offer. Nestled eep within the serene rural village of Kedewatan on the outskirts of Ubud , this captivating property truly celebrates the Balinese heritage of art,culture and tradition.

Built with rare sensitivity towards the environment, the entire resort is staggered over 18-hectares of prime valley land that descends down to where the flow of the Ayung River has etched a meandering pathway. The timeless spiritually of this setting penetrates the senses to nurture the body,mind and soul.

The silent beauty of The Royal Pita Maha is intensified by a kaleidoscopic landscape that alters throughout the course of the day. At dawn a soft mist slowly rises over the valley to eveal a vibrant freshness, by midday the tropical sun caresses the flourishing greenery and at sunset the last rays of light fade into the dominance of the inky black sky.

As the latest hotel venture by Ubud’s respected royal family, The Royal Pita Maha is a legacy that has been painstakingly created by teams of highly talented local artisans. The property exused an etheral aura and is set to become an icon for suintainable tourism.

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